1Password launches Psst! to securely share passwords using expiring links


1Password Psst - securely share password items with anyoneThe team behind the excellent password manager service 1Password has today introduced a new feature called Psst! Designed to enable you to securely share passwords and items with anyone. For instance if you would like to share your Wi-Fi password with friends or visitors poorly need to do is open the share menu and generate a link to share your password. The link will expire in 7 days although you can choose to let it expire after 30 days, 14 days, one day, one hour, or after a single person has viewed it.

1Password Psst! lets you securely share passwords with anyone

“It’s important to note that when you share an item in 1Password in this way, you’re not sharing the original item itself. Instead, you’re sharing a copy – a snapshot of the item as it existed at the moment it was shared. That means that if you share a password with a contractor, the contractor can only view the item as it existed when you shared it. If you change the password after you share it, the contractor will not see the updated item, only the original copy.”

“When my recipient opens the link in their web browser, they’ll see one of two things. If I’ve allowed anyone to view the link, they’ll be taken directly to a web view of the shared item. If I’ve specified the people I want to share with, they’ll be asked to input their email address. When they do, they’ll receive an email with a one-time verification code.”

“Once they paste that code into the required field, they’ll see the web view of the shared item exactly as it exists in 1Password. That means that if I’ve added extra fields – notes, security questions, or anything else – to an item containing a username and password, the recipient will also see those fields.

If they’re signed into their own 1Password account, they’ll even have an option to save a copy of the item directly to one of their own vaults. And if they don’t have a 1Password account yet, they can sign up directly from the shared item page.”

Learn more about securely sharing your passwords using the new 1Password Psst! feature by following the link below.

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