Battery Life Test: iPhone 12 vs. Google Pixel 5 (Video)


iPhone 12

Apple recently launched their iPhone 12 and now we get to see how the battery life compared in a battery life test with the iPhone 12 vs. Google Pixel 5.

The video below from PhoneBuff puts the two handsets through a range of battery life tests, lets find out which one lasts the longest.

As we can see from the video the iPhone 12 comes with a smaller 2815 mAh battery when compared to the 4080 mAh battery on the Google Pixel 5.

The iPhone 12 was the first handset to turn off with the Pixel 5 still having 7 percent left. The iPhone 12 lasted 9 hours and 1 minute and the Pixel 5 lasted 9 hours and 26 minutes, the iPhone did pretty well considering it had a smaller battery than the Pixel 5.

Source Image Credit: PhoneBuff

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