Big Companies Use AI For Marketing (Infographic)


Using the help of artificial intelligence in marketing has started to become a common practice in recent years. It is known as Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM), and is a form of marketing where AI is used to achieve marketing goals.

This marketing principle is based on the perception-reasoning-action cycle that can be found in cognitive science, and it is adapted to form the collect, reason, and act cycle.

  1. Collect relates to all activities aimed at capturing customer or prospect data, whether taken online or offline.

  2. Reason is the part where the collected data is transformed into information and eventually intelligence or insight, a section where AI and machine learning have a key role.

  3. The final part of the cycle is act, which is done by using the gathered information in order to influence a purchasing decision.

There are many companies which decided to use artificial intelligence as means of marketing, and the fact that 80% of marketers say that personalized AI content is more effective than generic content speaks for itself.

Let’s take a look at five big companies which use artificial intelligence.

1. Sephora uses AI for their Sephora Virtual Artist, an online service that helps women try brands of makeup in a virtual environment.

2. Starbucks allows users to place and pay for order with Alexa, and also have a voice assistant built into its mobile application called Mr Starbucks Barista.

3. Spotify uses AI and deep learning to provide recommendations for similar music based on the users’ previous experience.

4. Levi’s has developed Levi’s Virtual Stylist to help users find the perfect fitting pair of jeans based on the users’ preferences.

5. Skype uses AI for photo effects and machine learning for voice recognition and real time translation.

These are only five of the 28 brands mentioned in the infographic which follows. Take a look at it to see which other companies use AI to enhance marketing.



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