Bixi Allows You To Control Anything With Gestures (video)


Control Anything With Gestures

If you need to control applications on your smartphone or tablet whilst engaging other activities, such as cooking, painting or anything else that requires your hands to be doing other things than handling your mobile device.

You may be interested in Bixi a new piece of hardware which allows you to control your mobile devices by simply waving your hand to access applications, turn pages, pause media and more.

Gesture control

The great thing about Bixi is that the small gesture sensor is not just restricted to smartphones and tablets and can control your smart home devices, GoPro action cameras and more. What she demonstration video below to learn more about how this small gesture control sensor could revolutionise your smart home.

Meet Bixi, the first ultra-portable companion that senses your in-air hand gestures and commands the devices you wish to control.

Bixi commands smartphone Apps (Spotify, iBooks, Youtube, etc), LifX bulbs, Bose Soundtouch Speakers, GoPro, tablets and other Internet of Things devices, allowing users to keep interacting with their smart objects without putting their current activity on pause..

Bixi tracks your natural, intuitive hand gestures, processing the movement into meaningful action that is sent wirelessly to the device being controlled. Just wave your hand and let the Magic happen! Bixi’s patent pending technology makes your hand the only remote you will ever need. Bixi is a freely programmable device and wireless so you can take it anywhere.

Bixi is available to back with pledges starting from $59 for super early bird backers with delivery expected to take place during March 2017. Follow the link below to learn more about Bixi’s features and benefits.

Source: Kickstarter

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