Cheese Chopper cuts and stores your favorite cheese with ease


Cheese Chopper

Cheese lovers looking for an innovative and convenient way to both store and slice their cheese may be interested in the Cheese Chopper launched via Kickstarter this month and  designed by Tate Koenig (Mr. Cheese).

“The Cheese Chopper’s ergonomic design is fast, safe, airtight, easy-to-clean, and creates the perfect slice every time, all while fitting every standard 2 lb brick of cheese. We have finalized designs, partnered with a manufacturer, and ordered our molds. Every dollar pledged will be put towards our first round of inventory delivered straight to your kitchen in July 2020!”

Early bird pledges are available from $30 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during July 2020.

“The Cheese Chopper’s patented design lets you choose between a wire or blade, so regardless of the thickness, you can chop the perfect slice every time! The Cheese Chopper allows you to take advantage of the price and quality of large blocks of cheese without sacrificing the convenience of pre-processed cheese. You no longer have to pay more for lower quality, pre-sliced or grated cheese and can now slice and grate cheese with ease. No longer are you condemned to purchasing the commercially processed, pre-sliced or grated cheese, coated with harmful chemicals anti-clumping agents. The Cheese Chopper allows you to save money without sacrificing convenience or quality. “

Source : Kickstarter

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