Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 Gaming Set With Mem-Chanical Switches Unveiled For $90


Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 Gaming Set With Mem-Chanical Switches

PC gamers looking for an affordable combination mouse and keyboard set may be interested to know that computer peripheral manufacturer Cooler Master has this week unveiled a new set in the form of the MasterSet MS120 Gaming Combo.

The keyboard has been equipped with functionality that mirrors the highly popular mechanical Cherry MX Blue switches and made it affordable while maintaining functionality, says Cooler Master.

Precision with Tactical Satisfaction – The MasterSet MS120 Keyboard is outfitted with our exclusive hybrid switches engineered in-house. These new mem-chanical switches feature specially designed tactile and clicky switches, similar to those found in professional-level mechanical keyboards. The result is a membrane keyboard that’s fine-tuned to help you win all your battles.

The Mem-chanical Clicky Switches on the MS120 feature a total travel distance of 3.8mm and actuate at 1.8mm to ensure fast responses and high APM with even up to 26key anti-ghosting!

Quality Sensor for Gaming – The mouse enclosed in our combo set is custom-tailored for hardcore serious gaming. It has durable Omron switches, good for 10 million precise button presses, and a Pixart 3050 optical sensor that’s optimized specifically for going on a killing spree with 4 levels op DPI up to 3500

The MS120’s Keyboard features Per-key RGB backlighting because aesthetics matter and your keyboard is your best hype man when playing games. The Keyboard features multiple (9) preset LED modes and effects. Modes and effects rain from solid colors to color waves and reactive on-touch effects. All the effects can be controlled through the On-the-Fly controls to adjust color, speed and direction. And of course the mouse isn’t left out, the mouse features 3 zones of adjustable RGB lighting too to match the fancy looks of the keyboard.

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