Kevlar core reinforced belt never looses its shape



The Smart Belt Ultimate created by the team at Harmattan Design features a Kevlar core to strengthen the belt and prevent it from warping during wear. The crowd funding project has already raised over $1 million thanks to over 14,000 backers, and a wide variety of different styling options are available, allowing you to customize the belt to meet your exact requirements. Early bird pledges are available at a 50% discount and start from just $59, with worldwide shipping expected to take place in very soon.

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“We are Harmattan Design (Holt Radu), many of you know us for our Smart Belt series. With a track record spanning 5 years and 7 Campaigns with over 50 000 backers in crowdfunding overall, it’s safe to say we have done this before. Our Kevlar Core built with Kevlar fibres is our staple innovation. Belts wear out because the leather flexes longitudinally and loses structure. Our Kevlar Core prevents that from happening by reinforcing the whole structure like nothing else. It makes the whole thing highly durable yet light and comfortable. We are the only licensee authorized by DuPont to make belts using the Kevlar brand. ”


“The Leather we use is the most exclusive leather anywhere in the world. Vegetable Tanning is almost a lost art. Because it takes longer to tan the leather with natural tannins it has been replaced by chromium tanning at the turn of the century. We get our leather from a small valley in Tuscany, Italy, one of the handful of places in the world where this is still done. It’s much more resilient that normal leather, it’s all natural, eco friendly and really smells good too. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number. The Smart Belt Ultimate is the first belt we make out of leather that is dyed structurally, inside, as opposed to painting the top layer. By doing this, we made sure that scratches can be reabsorbed inside the leather itself, a kind of self healing.”

Source : Indiegogo

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