NVIDIA Omniverse offers easier collaborative game development and more


NVIDIA Omniverse game development toolsAt GDC 2021 NVIDIA introduced a suite of Omniverse tools and applications specifically designed to help game designers to accelerate game development and simplify content creation. Watch the demonstration videos below to learn more about the NVIDIA Omniverse suite of development tools for game development and include features such as Omniverse Connectors, enabling you to simultaneously work across your favourite applications thanks to a wide range of plug-ins to popular apps. “With Omniverse Create, developers can leverage simple, intuitive tools to build and test content, and rapidly iterate during creation pipelines” explains NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Omniverse provides a wealth of RTX and AI-powered applications, toolkits and extensions to accelerate game development allowing you to use paint tools for set dressing, or benefit from Omniverse Physics apps such as like PhysX 5, Flow, and Blast bringing realistic details to 3D models.

“Developers can plug into any layer of the platform stack — whether at the top level, utilizing pre-built Omniverse Apps such as Create, Machinima, or Audio2Face; or the platform component level, to easily build custom extensions and tools to accelerate their workflow. Universal Scene Description (USD), the foundation of NVIDIA Omniverse, is an easily extensible, open-source 3D scene description and file format developed by Pixar for content creation and interchange among different tools.”

“Content creation in game development involves multiple steps and processes, which can be notoriously complicated. To create the best experiences, game artists need to build massive libraries of 3D content while incorporating realistic lighting, physics and optimal game performance with AI. An explosion in the number of Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools to design different elements of a game leads to long review cycles, and difficulties in maximizing iteration. And often, studios are spending development hours creating their own proprietary tools to enable these workflows.”

Source : NVIDIA

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