Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter Launches For $30 (video)


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Satechi has unveiled a new addition to their range of computer hardware with the launch of the Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter which has been created to allow users to calculate and measure the power draw of your laptop or Type-C chargeable smartphone.

The Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter can be used to measure Volts, Amps, and mAh from compatible Type-C ports, and is a great solution for monitoring your Type-C port’s power. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more.

Features and Specifications of the Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter include :

– Voltage – The Power Meter will measure the Voltage (in Volts) of your port’s power source in real time.
– Current – Check the Current (in Amps) being input to your device.
– Wattage – To calculate Wattage, simply multiply the Volts by the Amps. ( P = A x V )
– Milliamp Hours – Use the Power Meter to see how much power has travelled into your device since beginning charging.
– Passthrough Charging – Monitor power while simultaneously charging your compatible Type-C device.
– Design Display – A slim and compact design makes the Power Meter easy to store in your bag – in addition, the bright display ensures easy reading of the Power Meter’s measurements.
– Specifications – The Power Meter’s Voltage range is 4V-20V. Current range is 50mA-10W. The readable total is 65W.

Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter

The Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter is now available to purchase directly from the Satechi website priced it $29.99 by following the link below.

Source: Satechi

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