Synology Hybrid Share lets businesses store large sets of data in the cloud


Synology Hybrid ShareSynology has rolled out a new update to its DSM NAS operating system in the form of the 7.0.1 update bringing with it a wealth of new tweaks and enhancements including a new Synology Hybrid Share feature. Hybrid Share has been specifically designed to enable businesses to store large sets of data in the cloud while” leveraging the powerful bandwidth of a data center to stream requested data to branch offices“, explain Synology.

Synology DSM operating system

Once Hybrid Share has been enabled each Synology NAS retains a cache of the most frequently requested files to ensure fast, low-latency access for local users. “Sharing data should be effortless between teams. Leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud and combine it with on-premises performance to easily bridge multiple sites together.” Watch the video below to learn more about Synology Hybrid Share.

Synology Hybrid Share make collaboration easy and secure

“A hybrid storage approach enables your business to benefit from higher availability, scalability, and improved productivity with efficient file sharing among remote teams. Achieve more without compromising on performance or security. Maintain a reduced onsite storage footprint by requesting only the data you need. Save bandwidth by uploading files once and then letting C2 Storage propagate them to other sites using its fast data center pipelines.”



“A streamlined user experience, enhanced login security, flexible cloud storage, and system monitoring in the cloud meet better and faster storage technologies. DSM 7.0.1 features improvements across the board for the best Synology NAS experience yet. Keep your important shared files on C2 Storage, ready to be streamed to local Synology NAS at offices and homes around the world whenever users need them. Let employees around the world access the most up-to-date files while maintaining only a modest-sized Synology NAS at each site.”

Source : Synology

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