Teen Spends $20,000 On Twitch Streamers, But Parents Get Money Back


One of the ways Twitch streamers make their money is through donations by viewers. It’s up to viewers to choose how much they want to donate to their favorite streamer. One teen, however, somehow managed to access his mom’s savings account and donated $20,000 to his favorite streamers.

$20,000 is a lot of money to lose but there is some good news. The teen’s parents managed to get nearly all of it back. Speaking to Dotesports, the mother said that thanks to the help of Twitch partner Xsolla, she managed to retrieve $19,870.94. She will not be pursuing the difference.

It sounds like the process of trying to get back the money was so difficult that she is happy to get back as much as she did. She says, “I am so relieved to have the money restored to my account and let the nightmare end. At this point, it’s within a few hundred dollars, and I am happy to have received what I did, and am not going to pursue the difference.”

According to the mom, if it had not been for Xsolla, she might have never seen the money again. Despite reaching out to Twitch’s CEO and Amazon’s legal team, no one responded to her, although it seems that her son’s Twitch account was closed during all of this. A happy ending is a good outcome.

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