Volkswagen is changing – new logo, new marketing strategy and a female voiceover


Volkswagen is a huge global brand, known for its relatively affordable and reliable cars. It’s been around since 1937 and gave us many legendary cars, such as Beetle, Golf, Passat, Combi van and many more. But now it is time for a change – Volkswagen is introducing its first electric-only car and the new logo. But can you tell the difference?

Volkswagen is going electric. The new ID.3 represents the third step of evolution of Volkswagen – the first one was Beetle and the second one was the Golf. ID.3 is around the size of the Golf, but a bit taller and with a longer wheelbase. Therefore, it is very spacious inside.

There will be three battery options available – 45 kWh enables a range of up to 330 kilometres, 58 kWh will allow travelling for 420 km and 77 kWh will be enough to go 550 km. ID.3 will be able to get 290 km range boost in just 30 minutes in a 100 kW charging station. It features 2 screens, all kinds of smart functions and will cost from under 30 thousand euros. Oh yeah – and it features the new brand logo.

The new ID.3 came out with the new logo. Image credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen was talking about changing its logo for quite some time now. The new logo is more digital-friendly, 2-dimensional and more simple. On the other hand, it is still easily recognizable as Volkswagen, which is a good thing.

Volkswagen’s new logo – changes are very subtle. Image credit: Volkswagen

The previous logo became “too heavy” for the age of digital media. This one is reduced to essentials, lighter, more flexible. Rebranding is not going to be an easy process, despite changes being largely minor. At the 10,000 facilities of dealers and service partners throughout the world, about 70,000 big logos will be replaced. The changeover should be completed in the middle of 2020.

Old logo was more 3-dimensional and “heavier”. Image credit: Volkswagen

And that is not the only change Volkswagen is introducing. The identity of Volkswagen is changing more dramatically. Volkswagen wants to be progress-oriented, younger and more digital. The strategy for the makeover required work of 19 internal design and marketing teams as well as 17 external agencies. The result – more people-oriented marketing, cosier dealerships, better customer support, bigger focus on the digital side of conversation.

The new Volkswagen logo is prepared for the digital era. Image credit: Volkswagen

You will definitely notice the change. For example, pictures are going to be taken with people, putting emphasis on relatable situations and scenarios. Also, male voice, which has been dubbing Volkswagen’s commercials for decades, is going to be replaced with a female voice. Volkswagen says that it is softer, warmer and pleasant.

The changeover will be completed until the middle of next year. Image credit: Volkswagen

Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of Volkswagen, explains: “We have created a new holistic global brand experience on all channels and across all touch points. As a general principle, the aim in future will not be to show a perfect advertising world. In our presentation, we want to become more human and more lively, to adopt the customer’s perspective to a greater extent and to tell authentic stories.”


Source: Volkswagen


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